TS 92/91


Cam-action door closers with slide channel

Designed especially for interior applications, the DORMA TS 92 and TS 91 door closers in Contur design offer excellent ease of use due to their linear drive mechanism with the heart-shaped cam.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

Product features
  • Especially for interior applications
  • Door widths up to 950 mm (TS 91) / 1100 mm (TS 92)
  • For single- and double-leaf doors
  • Easy installation
  • Quickly adjustable
Benefits for the trade/distributor
  • Inexpensive cam-action technology for standard interior doors
  • Low storage costs and reduced inventory requirement thanks to uniform slide channels of the Contur series
Benefits for the installer/fabricator
  • Non-handed
  • Easy to fix and quickly adjustable
Benefits for the architect/specifier
  • Excellent value for money
  • Uniform appearance throughout the entire Contur slide channel range
Benefits for the user
  • Exceptional ease of use and fully controlled closing action
  • Optimum adaptability of the closing speed with reliable latching thanks to two regulating valves
Product Desc Size Date Lang
Technical Leaflet [1]
TS 92 / TS 91 Technical leaflet PDF
1.76 MB
04.2014 EN
Instructions/Manuals [7]
TS 91 Mounting instruction mounting plate PDF
458.07 KB
03.2015 INT
TS 91 B EN3 Mounting instruction PDF
843.55 KB
09.2014 INT
TS 92 B EN 1-4 Mounting instruction PDF
955.12 KB
05.2014 INT
TS 92 G EN 1-4 Mounting instruction PDF
1.01 MB
05.2014 INT
TS 92 Mounting instruction glass door saddle plate PDF
410.70 KB
01.2015 INT
TS 91 B EN4 Mounting instruction PDF
838.38 KB
09.2014 INT
TS 91 G EN3 Mounting instruction PDF
865.20 KB
09.2014 INT